Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Commissioned Painting of Jim Scott

William James McGill Scott

1926 – 2012

Founder of Wilson & Scott (Highways) Ltd


Managing Director of Wilson & Scott (Highways) Ltd, Stephen Scott, has recently commissioned a portrait painting of his father, and founder of the road marking company.

The piece features many memorable references from his life, some very personal to his family and some focusing on his public life.

Steve says, ‘I thought it was important to show my father’s life in picture and to demonstrate his achievements and personality in a commemorative way’.

  ‘I’m very happy with the result and hope that other people, more than just family and friends, can get to know my father a little bit better from the aspects of his life we’ve chosen to show’.

Steve has written a short synopsis of what can been seen in the painting which is currently on display at the Wilson & Scott Head Office in Colnbrook, Berkshire.

William James McGill Scott and what can be seen in his portrait.

Known by all as “Jim” he started his career in road marking in 1942 at the age of 16 prior to joining RAF Bomber Command in 1944. He returned to road marking in 1948.

He started Wilson & Scott with his colleague Les Wilson in March 1952 as the introduction of Zebra Crossings led to a surge in demand across the UK. Although Les did not stay long with the Company the name was already well established and has remained unchanged ever since.

Alongside Jim is his wife of 53 years, Joan and behind is his son Stephen who took over as MD in 1991. They are all depicted as they were in 1984.

Included are many references to Jim’s life along with:

His early childhood growing up in Burma where his father was an engineer with Burmah Oil.

His wartime involvement when he flew as an Air Gunner in a Flying Fortress for

214 Squadron in 1944 and 1945.

His post war service in the RAF as a Parachute Instructor.

His passion for building treehouses for his children and grandchildren.

His favourite car, the Vauxhall Cresta and the ever-present Senior Service cigarette.

The ‘Curious Incident of the Mouse in the Coffee Cup’.

The company’s first large line painting machine used on the M4 from Chiswick to Langley.

In 1976 Jim helped to found the industry’s trade body now known as The Road Safety Markings Association (RSMA). In retirement, he served as Chairman of the Air Gunners’ Association and was an active member of both the 214 Squadron Association and The Canopy Club.

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